New addiction alert: Tumblr

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of taking a social media class during my last semester at Miami. The class exposed me to many areas of the social media world I never knew about and awakened a new passion that I continue to explore and foster. Since social media is best learned by doing, we were required to maintain accounts on several social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, a blog and the focus of this post, Tumblr.

Until recently, I hadn’t really jumped aboard the Tumblr train, but in a rapid turn around it’s become my new addiction and I can’t get enough! I started really discovering the power of Tumblr from Pinterest. I started clicking through to the original source of Pinterest photos more often, and realized that a majority of the time, the source was Tumblr. From a PR perspective this is a really important realization when it comes to how to gain coverage for a brand in these social media channels. The cycle of an image is sometimes pretty astounding, as it travels from a website or blog, to Tumblr page, to another Tumblr page, to yet another Tumblr page in some instances, to Pinterest, to many more Pinterest accounts, then back to Tumblr, blogs, and eventually even saved on the desktop of consumers as a reminder of something they love or want.

So far, I’m mostly entranced by fashion and lifestyle Tumblrs just for the pure beauty of the images, and the endless inspiration that they provide. I’ve even started to try to recreate some outfits and styles I’ve seen, and it’s definitely becoming a new hobby of mine!

Of course, we can’t leave out the popular “What Should We Call Me” themed Tumblr. What started as a fun and comical way to recognize the irony and humor of every day life, blossomed into a widespread meme with different sites for everything from cities (Cincinnati) to colleges (Miami University) to professions (Public Relations).

Beyond the benefits from a public relations perspective, browsing Tumblr and creating one of your own can be a creative, fun and easy way to express your personality and interests!


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